What if it rains?

I will check the weather forecast in the 48 hours prior to your photo shoot and communicate with you regularly if it looks as though the weather may be an issue.  It very rarely bothers the children and in fact often adds an element of fun but I do appreciate that wet, frizzy hair is not always a great look!  I will always check a location for shelter in the event of a light shower - of course, if it looks as though it may be a complete washout then we will just rearrange your session - the session fee will be carried forward for you.

Can we bring our dog(s)

Yes! Of course.

Your dog is an important member of your family.  I love it when families bring their dog along as with it you get another family dimension.  During the session I will try to get a great portrait of the dog as well as including him/her in your family portraits. It also really helps the children to relax as they often take responsibility for checking that the dog is happy and having fun! We will just ensure that dogs are allowed into the location that you have chosen - this is not usually an issue as most of the local beauty spots are very popular with dog walkers.

How many people can we bring to the Photoshoot?

I often undertake generational shoots where grandparents, siblings and cousins come along.  I even photographed 4 generations recently, which was wonderful!  Depending on the number of family members attending, the session fee may increase.  Please let me know who will be attending and I'll let you know what the session fee will be.