Lewie, Stanley & Elsie (how gorgeous are these names?!) - Whatton Gardens | Children's and family Photographer, Loughborough

Just over a year ago I announced that I had obtained permission to use a fantastic new location for my photoshoots. I was going to say that it is my favourite place to photograph families but I’m torn as that might be Beacon Hill? Tough call. Anyway, I’m spoilt rotten because the area surrounding Loughborough is totally amazing.

I have spent many hours at Whatton Gardens this year and no matter what the time of year it is just breathtaking.

Caroline contacted me because her mum was coming up to a milestone birthday and she wanted to surprise her with some portraits of the grandchildren. We discussed a number of locations but settled on Whatton Gardens because it tends to be very quiet and there is a huge variety of landscapes allowing for a varied gallery. It also reminds me of the secret garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett) because there are lots of small gardens within the grounds, all different and so exciting for the little ones to explore - the look of delight on their faces as they discover the roses or the terracotta soldiers is priceless!

I love it when there are big cousins at the shoot - Stanley clearly worshipped his older cousin Lewie, and was so excited to be photographed with him - I also found that having the youngsters around made Lewie relax into the session ensuring that Claire got some rare photos of her son who would have probably preferred not to have been in front of a lens!

Anyway, Caroline & Claire’s mum was delighted with the photos and was stuck with the difficult decision of what was going to go on the wall!

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