Have I ever mentioned that I just love photographing teenagers? | Children's and Family Photographer, Loughborough

I know, I know…my website and social media pages are full of young children, but I also get asked to photograph teenagers quite often too. And I love it!

13 year olds are a totally different ball game to 3 year olds…for starters, you won’t find them doing this! (This photographs make me laugh every time I see it!)


What you will find is that they sit where they are asked to sit, they put their hands where you ask them to put them and don’t go into a meltdown because mummy says they cannot fit the branch (half a tree) into the car that they have been dragging around for the past 30 minutes.

Both age groups are completely different and I love this. Eloise asked for a Photo Shoot as her Christmas Present. She decided to wait until the summer to book it in. I photographed one of her best friends in the Autumn and they’d clearly spent time planning the outfit and location together. On this occasion we went to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham - a great location that I would fully recommend!

The session didn't go without a hitch - the squirrels happened to be the friendliest squirrels that I had ever come across! Honestly, at one point I though that one was going to climb Eloise’s Dad’s leg, and this one was sooo tempted to climb onto Eloise’s hat! Seriously, these guys were following us around the gardens so much that they were starting to freak us out.

Family photographer, Loughborough

Anyway, Squirrels aside, lots of memories were made on this day and we were able to capture a big milestone for any parent - their daughter becoming a teenager.

Here are some of my favourites - as you will see there were lots!

Teenage Photo Shoots can take place either in the week (after school) or at the weekend. Please contact me for further information.

My wonderful friend Jenna has had gorgeous little George in the studio.  Jenna is a newborn and family photographer in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.  Pop over to her blog and have a look at this beautiful session.