Puppies and snow - what's not to love? (Ok, the novelty of the snow may be wearing off - but hey, there's puppies..!) | Family Photographer Loughborough

It's seems strange to be writing a blog about snow when the sun is finally shining today!! But hopefully this will be the last of the snow for this year...and it does make for really pretty photographs.

Claire asked me to photograph her 2 Jack Russell puppies recently - Edie & Bree.  Unfortunately, we had to abandon the first session because the rain was coming down sideways and whilst I'm sure that this wouldn't have bothered the dogs in the slightest, we were hoping to capture some lovely portraits of the family too.  So a new date was set, and 48 hours before I checked the forecast to see that the Beast from the East was due to hit.  Fortunately, Leicestershire managed to dodge the worst of it and we were left with a light dusting that formed the perfect backdrop for Claire and her family's portrait session.

I have photographed quite a few dogs now as they are often brought along to family portraits sessions - being such an important part of the family.  These were my first youngsters and I underestimated just how excited they would be to be having their photographs taken.  I also had no idea that Jack Russells were so quick - honestly, they were like lightening.

Faced with mostly white dogs (and Grandad's black lab) against a white backdrop it was going to be an interesting session.  But I like a challenge.

Here are the highlights from Claire and her family's session.  One that I thoroughly enjoyed.