So, how did I end up here?

Family Session taken at whatton house in loughborough

Family Session taken at whatton house in loughborough

For many years I worked in financial services, which I loved but always felt constrained.  My education had been about achieving academic results and so naturally, I chose a career that put my qualifications to good use.  It never quite fitted though.  I was like a square peg in a round hole. I got to the point where my chosen career felt wrong, I knew I wanted to work with people, so I joined a charity and worked there for an extremely fulfilling 12 months, during which time I fell pregnant.

My son, Jacob, was born at the end of 2011.  My original plan had been to be a stay at home mum having recently been made redundant, but after 6 months I started to feel the need for adult conversation that wasn't baby related.  Don't get me wrong - I loved being a mum, I just wanted to do something that was for me.  So I joined an evening class.

When looking at the options available I considered loads of things - I could improve my Spanish as I already had a basic knowledge, maybe jewellery making or pottery? One day, I was shopping in Loughborough and I saw a guy with a sign advertising photography classes.  This was it. This was what I was going to do.  Something completely different but that I had always enjoyed.  

I attended those classes for 2 years and learnt all of the basics of using my camera.  I bought myself a 'proper' camera and became completely consumed by this new hobby.  Darrin, the tutor, took me and another student (Alison - who has become one of my closest friends) to a couple of weddings to second shoot and I was hooked.

I applied for a photography course at Leicester College and graduated with distinction in 2015 - I still like to have a piece of paper to say that I am competent! 

By this time I had a little girl as well, Ellie, and time was pretty tight but I had this feeling that I had to keep going with the photography.  This is my 3rd year of trading, it has been a very organic process because I don't want to miss a thing with my kids (they are so bored of being photographed now!).  They are growing quickly though which means that I can commit more time to my work and passion.

During the past 3 years I have tried my hand at many types of photography but the 2 areas that I have fallen in love with are outdoor family portraits (Julie Grant Photography) and weddings ( I photograph weddings with Pete who I met at college - our wedding business is Charnwood Weddings).

My outdoor family portrait photography takes place at a favourite location of your choice and often ends up being a family experience itself - with lots of fun and laughter.

My purpose is to give my clients a beautiful portrait of their family against the backdrop of their favourite place so that they have something hanging on their wall that they are completely in love with.

To book a photoshoot with me please either click on "book now" or call me on 07950 385238.

A lot of the photographers I know have taken it up as a second career - It's fascinating to see how varied everyone's pasts were and how our routes to being business owners differ - see how Dawn Martin Photography became a Newborn Photographer in Glasgow in her latest blog.

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