Generational Photo shoot - Botanic Gardens, Leicester

My last outdoor family portrait session of the year was requested by Jane.  She wanted a portrait of the 4 female generations in her family and had chosen Leicester's wonderful botanic gardens as her favourite location.  The location choice was excellent for Brenda who had difficulty standing for long periods of time.

It was a crisp, cold but bright morning.  We were incredibly lucky last year as the Autumn lasted well into November and so we were able to take advantage of the last few remaining leaves.  The sun was low which made for some lovely lighting and everybody's moods were high!

Whilst I was keen to capture the key group portraits that Jane had requested I was also excited to be photographing the youngest member of the family, Ellie, who is at an age where everything is fun and full of wonder.  It never fails to amaze me how having a little one around instantly lifts people's spirits and brings out everybody's lighthearted side.

One of my favourite images from the session is Jane with her mum Brenda, it was clear from the outset that they had a very strong bond, often having a little giggle to themselves!  

Generational shoots are one of the most popular sessions that I offer - what I would give to have some photos of me with my grandparents...

My family photoshoots take place during the week and on Saturday Mornings - slots are being taken well into May, so please let me know if you are interested in booking.