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It all started when...

When I was child my “thing” was always the natural world. I knew every breed of dog and would spend hours at a time with my rabbit, Fluffy (I wasn’t very good at coming up with names!). I even worked at the local dog kennels for 50p an hour because I loved the dogs and being outdoors so much. My parents took me on a tour of the west coast of America when I was 15 (if you only ever make one big trip - do this, it is mind blowing!) and I spent the entire holiday with my face pressed up against the coach window in the hope of seeing a brown bear in the wild.

This passion stays with me now, I’m a little rusty on dog breeds but I still get a total buzz from being outdoors and being surrounded by nature.

So where does the photography come in? The christmas before our trip to America my Dad took me to Jacobs in Leicester to choose a proper camera. I walked out with a Pentax film camera. I felt like the cat that had got the cream, I was on cloud nine. That camera went everywhere with me, I would deliver the 35mm film to Boots and wait for the week for it to be developed, only to discover I had 20 blurry or black photos and a couple that were passable making it into a photo album. But there was plenty of time to hone my skill - I was getting such a buzz from taking the photos that it didn’t really matter what the outcome was.

I then went to work and the photography interest subsided. I always bought the best camera I could afford and spent time composing my shots and loving the results but I never really got beyond Auto.

My little boy was born in 2011 and I chose to be a stay at home mum which was amazing and I wouldn’t change that time for the world. I wanted to do something that was for me so I joined an evening class in Photography.  It was amazing, I was totally emersed in this re-ignited passion and it quickly grew into an obsession.  My tutor encouraged me to take my hobby further and to undertake some formal qualifications at Leicester College.  I graduated with a distinction in HNC Photography.

I am now mummy to Jacob & Ellie (pictured above), who are long suffering in my pursuit for perfection in my photography “Muuuuummmmyyyy, stop taking photos…” you will hear them cry.  I have photographed every little detail, every expression and milestone. They will thank me one day!

A little girl with a love for nature has been lucky enough to turn this passion into a career.

Now, I want to use that passion to capture the love within your family, through creating an experience that is fun, relaxing and a happy memory in itself through the use of the beautiful backdrop that nature provides. Leaving you with a set of stunning images that will become a family heirloom - who doesn't love to look back at photographs of their childhood?